7 ways to smash a piñata

7 ways to smash a piñata

Sometimes other pinatas come with a little stick to smash them with... but I think we can do better and be a little more creative!

1. Raid your kitchen for a wooden spoon (just make sure it's clean!) It's a good implement to start with - not too big or heavy but just right to get a feel for how much effort you'll have to put into smashing your pinata!

2. Want to do some real damage? Use a wooden rolling pin! Just take care to hold it tightly so that it doesn't go flying!

3. Haven't got either of these kitchen essentials to hand? How about using an umbrella? Closed, obviously - although it you try using an open umbrella, please send me photos so I can have a laugh too!

4. A walking stick or cane would be a good smashing impement, but make sure you get the owners permission before you use it.

5. Raid your kid's toybox for either a minecraft sword or a lightsabre. But remember that you could get into lots of trouble if you break the sword or sabre. Use them at your own risk!

6. Boxing gloves! Need I say more?

7. And finally... put it on the floor and jump on it! Soooo satisfying.

But above all (oh, and staying safe), have fun!

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