It's all about the pinatas!

Ordering Information

How much notice do you need to make a custom pinata?

- It's never too early to put an order in my diary, but 4-6 weeks is a good amount of notice. However, I can often make them in a shorter time-frame, so it's always worth getting in touch to see if there's any availability.

How much are your pinatas?

- They start at £35 for a simple pinata, but many of the pinatas on the website are around the £60-£100 mark or more. I'll give you a quote once I know exactly what you're after, so that you get a fantastic pinata and I get paid fairly for my time, skills and the materials used.

Do the pinatas come with sweets?

- No, I don't supply sweets with the pinatas. There are so many different dietary requirements that I wouldn't want to get something wrong. I leave a little door in the side of each pinata so that you can put your own individually wrapped sweets inside.

What photos do you need for a realistic face pinata?

- I need at least one close up, clear, high resolution photo of the person. We can work together to find one that works. If the person has a very distinctive feature - hair colour, pair of glasses, etc, that can help the pinata to look more recognisable.

Do you have any ready to buy pinatas?

- I often have a few in stock, so get in touch and I'll let you know what's available. Sometimes they are seconds, ex-display or simply a pinata that I felt like making in my spare time. I don't have much storage space as I work from home, so the number of ready to buy pinatas will always be limited. Occasionally I have sales on Instagram.

 Custom pinata face portrait


The Pinatas

What size are they?

- The pinatas vary in size, but I always try to make sure that it looks and feels substantial. As a rough guide they might be anywhere between 35cm and 60cm in length - often the shape of the pinata determines its size. For example, a tennis racket pinata might be 55cm-60cm in length (as it's long and thin), where as a face pinata might be 35cm - 40cm in length as it's much rounder.

Can you make smaller or bigger pinatas than usual?

- Many of the pinatas on my Instagram feed are what I like to call 'mini pinatas'. They're much smaller than my regular ones but just as fun to make. They're not great for smashing (too high a ratio of tape to card means that there's not enough exposed card to smash easily), but they're perfect for keeping. If you'd like a mini one, just let me know when you get in touch.

I can also make larger pinatas, up to around a metre in length. Some shapes work better than others however, so it will not always be possible to make one this size. Large 'fake' pinatas, which look like a pinata but are not fully functioning, can also be made - they can work well as part of a shop window display, photo shoot prop, etc. Get in touch if you'd like to explore any of these options.

How long do the pinatas take to make?

- The pinatas take longer to make than you might think! It's difficult to pin down the exact timings as I rarely make a pinata in one sitting. They're usually made over 2-3 days, working a few hours every day. Some can take much longer though.

After finding out what a customer wants, I take time to research the subject matter, before thinking about what size would work best for the pinata. I also think through any technical build issues and problems that need to be solved before I start. I then move onto making the basic shape out of card, and start to fringe it. Finishing details are then made and added to complete the pinata. Some pinatas take longer at one stage than the other, but that helps to keep it interesting!

Ice Skate pinata (with a rosette saying Queen's Park 2021) by Southside Pinatas


How to use the Pinatas

What should I put inside the pinata?

- The most common thing to put inside are individually wrapped sweets. However, other ideas include confetti, small treats (such as stickers, temporary tattoos, erasers, pin badges, hair scrunchies, etc) and I've even seen Babybel cheeses being used! Whatever you put inside though, please remember that it's going to be bashed about so don't include anything that might break. Also, don't over fill the pinata as it will make it very heavy - making it more likely to fall before you've had fun smashing it to bits.

What should I use to smash it?

- I always start by using a wooden spoon and then move onto a rolling pin when I want to do some real damage!

How should I hang it up?

- Each pinata has a ribbon loop at the top. Thread a long piece of string, ribbon or thin rope through it and hang it up using that. You want to make sure that the string / ribbon / rope is long enough that the pinata can swing freely. It's easy to hang them outside on a washing line or a low tree branch, but you may have a hook that you can hang it from inside your house too. My husband sometimes used to hold them at arms length for my daughters to hit (rather than hanging them), but please be aware that this can be very dangerous! He ended up with very sore knuckles one Christmas when my daughter hit his hand by mistake. He learned his lesson and all pinatas get hung up properly from now on!

Do I need to wear a blindfold when hitting it?

- We don't tend to use one but it's up to you!

How hard are the pinatas to smash?

- Many of the pinatas that I create are kept as keepsakes, so each one is well made and takes quite a lot of force to be smashed. The weakest points are often in the middle of the front / back, or around the edges, but each one is different depending on its shape. If children are smashing the pinata then they might enjoy seeing the adults jumping in to lend a hand at the end. Alternatively, just shout '1,2,3!' and rip the pinata open with your hands and watch the children scramble to get the sweets!

If this all sounds good to you, then why not order a pinata today!