The My Shawlands Christmas Pinata Trail

The challenge was on. Four weeks to make 50 unique Christmas themed pinatas, to be hidden in shop windows in my local area of Shawlands, Glasgow.

Southside Pinatas making the pinatas for the My Shawlands Pinata Trail. Christmas 2020

It was hard work, but lots of fun. Finally the pinatas were finished!

The finished pinatas for the My Shawlands Christmas Pinata Trail 2020.

Just as the trail was about to launch, we entered a three week lockdown! However, even with some of the pinatas hidden behind shutters, there were still plenty to find. My daughters and I grabbed a record sheet and set off.

Finding the pinatas in the the My Shawlands Pinata Trail during the 3 week lockdown in November / December 2020.

As the shops opened, we were able to find lots more of the pinatas, although we never quite managed to spot them all!

 Lots of pinatas - a polar bear, Santa's sleigh, a sprout and a Christmas tree bauble with believe written on it.

More pinatas - a gingerbreadman, a pig in a blanket, a penguin and a bauble with Noel written on it.

The last of the My Shawlands Pinata Trail pinatas - a mitten, an angel and Santa's sack.

It was an amazing project to be part of. Hopefully they'll be more exciting projects for Southside Pinatas in the future!