A closer look at God's Own Junkyard

A closer look at God's Own Junkyard

The first time I visited God's Own Junkyard, in an industrial estate in Walthamstow, London, I was in complete awe. It was simply amazing. Read my blog post here.

When we got the opportunity to visit again earlier this year, I jumped at the chance. But this time, I wanted to look closer. I wanted to notice every little detail and discover all of the wonderful items inside this enchanted space.

The place to start was by taking time to look at all of the neon signs, obviously! I tried to look for some of the smaller ones, the ones that had perhaps been overshadowed on my last visit by the huge ones that were unmissable. Here's a selection:


I then took time to find all of the signs which were lit using light bulbs.


Lastly I looked past all of the neon and lights and discovered a wonderful range of letters and other quirky items.


I think that God's own Junkyard is one of these places where, if I was to visit every week, I would always spot something that I hadn't noticed before. I'm very tempted to see if this is the case!

If you'd like to visit, here's the website.

P.S. The cake is delicious - make sure you have a slice!

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