Welcome to Southside Pinatas, where I specialise in realistic face pinatas.

Pinata Portraits

Have a pinata portrait made of yourself or someone you know. The pinata doesn't need to be smashed - put it on display so that everyone can see it!

Famous Faces

Who would you choose to make a pinata of? Someone you love or someone you hate?

Pinatas 'in the wild'

I love seeing your pinatas 'in the wild' so please share your photos with me!

What other sorts of pinatas do you make?

As well as making pinata portraits, I also enjoy enjoy making replicas of things such as favourite objects and buildings.

Why not commission a pinata of your favourite food or hobby, or something that reminds you or a special holiday or memory?

An Irn Bru pinata is particularly popular with many of my local customers, but that's hardly surprising as I'm based in Glasgow - the home of the famous orange soft drink!


Hat pinata by Southside Pinatas
Lynsey Loves pinata by Southside Pinatas
Claire Barclay's Glasgow Girl pinata by Southside Pinatas
Veggie Burger Pinata by Southside Pinatas

Feedback from customers

'It is beyond amazing - I kinda wanted to keep it all to myself. I love that every pinata you do is so different - you weren't lying when you said you liked a challenge.'

Jenna, custom 'Hamilton' pinata

'The pinata was such a hit (no pun intended lol) and everyone loved it! Afterward we also used his head as a sweetie bowl'

Kat, custom face pinata

'I love it, honestly it's perfect and so spot on, I love all your creations!'

Claire, custom 'Glasgow Girl' pinata

'Oh my god that is absolutely amazing!!! My dad only has one daughter but I'm defo getting top daughter award for this Christmas gift thank you so much!!'

Kirstie, custom whisky pinata

'I’m in awe 😍 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to smash it 🙈thanks again, Emma. It’s so cool!!'

Zoe, business logo pinata