Delicious Street Food in Colourful Surroundings

Delicious Street Food in Colourful Surroundings

Platform, at Argyle Street Arches in Glasgow, brings together some of Scotland's best independent street food traders. It is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon - 10pm (6pm on Sundays), so ideal for lunch time, dinner, or even as a starting point for a big night out.

The whole area is lit with colourful lights that slowly change from red to purple and back, and the vibe is very much a chilled one. It's a perfect place to kick back and relax whilst enjoying some great food at any time of the day. Loads of long tables mean that going as part of a large group wouldn't be a problem, and there's even a small kids play area to help keep little ones busy so that parents can enjoy their food and drinks.

Platform street food, Glasgow Arches

I'm still thinking about the ice cream tacos... and yes, they really were as good as they looked! Yum!


The ice cream tacos were from Chunks Ice Cream


Edit: Platform has changed since this post was written - there are no longer any food traders and it more like a standard restaurant now.

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