Do you keep noticing 11:11 or 12:34?

Do you keep noticing 11:11 or 12:34?

A few days ago, my friend Lynne posted a link on social media all about the significance of regularly noticing numbers, such as the time 11:11. According to the article, seeing repeating numbers is an indication that angels or our spirit guides are trying to contact us. The more 1s that are seen, the more of a connection they are trying to make. For 11:11, the main message seemed to be that you should stay positive as you are on the right path, and to reassure you that whatever you visualise will come to you.

This reminded me of a story from when I was at primary school. Every day, me and my friend, Gillian, would watch out for 11:11:11 on her digital watch. It was just before break time (at 11:15) and it was a lovely little distraction at a time when our work concentration levels had probably deserted us. It gave us a little buzz and kept us going for the next few minutes before we were allowed to escape outside.

However, for it to be a sign from the angels, you need to happen across it, rather than watch out for it like we were doing!

While I rarely happen across 11:11 myself, I have noticed that I regularly stumble across 12:34 much more often than I should. Probably several times a week in fact. I'd noticed that this was happening, but hadn't thought that it might actually signify something. But after reading about 11:11, I decided to do a quick search on the internet.

As with anything, there's different possible meanings, but here are some of the main ones:

1. To simplify and declutter your life, be it physically, emotionally or mentally to help you find clarity and move on.

2. A reminder from the angels that you're on the right path in life. You are in control, and can change that path in whatever way brings you greatest happiness.

3. To remember to continue to take positive action to do, experience and learn new things that are good for you, to help you achieve your true potential.

I read all of those and each one speaks to me, at either a personal or business level. I'm going to spend some time properly thinking them through, and enjoy receiving my almost daily reminders when I see 12:34 appear on my phone, computer or watch.

Do you ever notice 11:11 or 12:34? Maybe you notice a different time or combination of numbers. Do you think that there's anything in it or is it just a coincidence? Let me know!




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