The Weird & Wonderful Arcade Machines of Novelty Automation

The Weird & Wonderful Arcade Machines of Novelty Automation

If you love visiting quirky places, Novelty Automation should be top of your list. It's full of homemade arcade machines, that celebrate the weird, wonderful and bizarre.

Buy yourself some tokens and select a machine.

The chiropodist invites you to take off your shoe and put your foot into a dark 'treatment bay'. She then bends down and manipulates your foot.

Sit back in the comfortable armchair, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to jet off on your very own package holiday. As with all holidays, some parts are relaxing, whilst other parts are less so...

Test your nerve by putting your hand in the cage next to the dog. How long will you dare to keep it there while the dog pants and dribbles warm saliva...

Stand in position and allow the rubber gloves to give you a thorough frisking!

If you've had enough of your spouse, this is the machine for you! How quickly can you divorce?

Sit yourself inside this cupboard and enjoy the marvels of an eclipse.

Enter the Expressive Photobooth for a truly lovely set of photos to take away with you as a very special keepsake.

Which machine would you try first? These are only some of the machines on show - you'll have to visit to experience the rest!

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