Portal: A Sensory Subterranean Spectacle

Portal: A Sensory Subterranean Spectacle

If you live in Glasgow, you've probably travelled through the Clyde Tunnel at some point. You've maybe even walked or cycled through the pedestrian walkway - a 762m long pathway, made of cast iron and shuttered concrete, under the River Clyde.

From the 2nd - 12th August, the Southbound pedestrian tunnel has been transformed into a strange and eerie subterranean audio-visual adventure. 'An otherworldly odyssey where robotic sculptures and electronic sound lead you through a series of close encounters, Portal presents a rare opportunity to re-discover this remarkable Glasgow landmark.'

It was quite an adventure. These photos only tell half the story. The atmospheric music was a mix of the rumble of cars (from the main tunnel) and the tense, eerie sounds of any good sci-fi movie. The lights were constantly changing colour and flickering on and off. The sculptures buzzed, hissed and bubbled water, the disembodied head breathed and flinched, and the robotic arm menacingly picked up a torch and shone it in people's faces.

It was both fascinating and thought-provoking.

I want to go through again!




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