Rough & Ready Graffiti in Leake Street Tunnel

Rough & Ready Graffiti in Leake Street Tunnel

Underneath Waterloo train station, near the London Eye, is Leake Street Tunnel. It’s a tunnel full of graffiti, a free for all for anyone that’s up for it. It was originally started by Banksy for the Cans Festival in 2008, but his works are now long gone. It probably wouldn’t be the best place to go at night, but through the day it seemed perfectly safe.

(We're all pretty bizarre)

We stood and watched someone working for so long, that he eventually asked us if we’d like a go. ‘Yes, definitely’ was our reply.

He gave us some quick instructions and directed us to a small freshly painted white wall. Well, it’s harder than it looks. We squiggled our names (badly) and did a couple of little pictures. We showed little talent!

I’m sure that he would have painted over our efforts as soon as we left, but I love the fact that we’ll forever be part of the history of the tunnel, hidden deep under the layers of paint.


Edit: Since writing this post I've discovered that our teacher was in fact Marc Craig (I think... apologies if I'm wrong!)

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