Sense of Space: An Art Installation to Activate your Senses

Sense of Space: An Art Installation to Activate your Senses

On a rainy day in London, I was glad to spend some time inside this rather large silver box.

It was an art installation called 'Sense of Space', and it simply consisted of four rooms - The Doodle Room, The Infinity Garden, The Motion Box and The Zen Studio. It was 'designed to activate your different senses, it's a place to challenge your sensory perceptions through art - energising your mind, body and soul'.

First up was The Doodle Room. The lovely attendant admitted to needing frequent breaks to rest his poor eyes, but was cheery and chirpy and happily offered to take photos for groups of people checking out the installation.

Then, we entered the door to The Infinity Garden. Wow. Colour-changing lights slowly going from light pink to dark purple and back again. Mirrored walls so that the space looked much bigger than it actually was. Amazing.

The third room was dark, except for a large screen. Disco music was playing loudly and you were encouraged to bust out some dance moves, which were then reflected on the screen. My daughers had a ball!

The Zen Studio completed the experience. A giant pink floor cushion with smaller fluffy white cushions to lie your head on. Bliss.

The attendant had said that this was their first art installation of this kind and if it was popular they would hopefully host other similar events. Fingers crossed!



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