Sensory Seeking at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Sensory Seeking at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Most people who go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach are looking for a rush - something to boost their mood and give them a bit of a thrill! 

This will likely mean going on as many rollercoasters and other exciting rides as possible, but for me, as visual sensory seeker, it's a bit different...

Instead, I'm looking for the colours, the lines, the patterns, the shapes. Yes, I go on some of the rides, but to really get the most out of my experience, I need to make sure that I am also taking the time to look for all the visual elements as well.

I wish you could take photos on rides. There's so many fascinating things to see on many of them, with so many little details that are easy to miss if you're not looking for them. If only you could pause the ride, have a proper look, and then carry on again. That would be the dream!

But I'm sure that I'll be back again in the future, ready to have another look to see what new things I can discover!


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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