Stumbling upon a Nomadic Community Garden

Stumbling upon a Nomadic Community Garden

When I was in London with my family earlier this year, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a Nomadic Community Garden. This group ‘transforms disused spaces into urban gardens where people can grow their own produce, create art, share skills, and discover what it means to build their own community from the bottom up.’ We didn’t know exactly what it was when we walked in, but we could tell that it was a friendly, welcoming place that was inclusive to all.

I love what this group is doing for people in the local area. When we were there, there was a group of young people singing, possibly rehearsing for an upcoming performance. They were standing in front of a giant mural which formed the backdrop to the performance area.

This garden is just off Brick Lane in London, so if you’re in the area, wander in, chill and relax in this amazing space.

Nomadic Community Garden

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