Alternative piñata fillings for kids and adults

Alternative piñata fillings for kids and adults

Fed up of filling your pinatas with sweets? Here are lots of ideas for other things that you could use!



- erasers

- highlighter pens

- chalk pens

- stickers

- pencil toppers



- mini rubber duckies

- small bouncy balls

- glow sticks

- nerf darts

- glider planes

- pokemon or other collectable cards

- small animal figures


Things to wear

- socks (can be folded up individually to fit through the hole)

- hair bobbles, clips and scrunchies

- temporary tattoos

- pin badges

- friendship bracelets


Bath and beauty

- lip balm

- make up sponges (make sure that they're wrapped)

- make up items (individual eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, etc)

- small bars of soap

- mini bath bomb

- face mask sachet (can be folded to fit through the hole)


Other foods

- cheese - baby bels or other small individually wrapped portions

- kids snacks such as fruit winders or dried fruits

- tea bags

- boxes of raisins


If you're feeling rich

- lottery tickets

- gift vouchers

- money (notes)

- scratchcards


Other items

- keyrings

- dice (standard dice or ones with different numbers of sides)

- guitar picks

- packs of seeds (can be folded to fit through the hole)

- fake flowers

- origami animals or stars

Whatever you choose, remember that the holes in the side of the pinatas are roughly 4cm by 4cm so things must be small enough to go though, or easily foldable.

Lastly, why not add some confetti? There are many different kinds to choose from and they will add a great feeling of celebration to any pinata smash!

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